Terms Of Service

You must be 18 years of age to get a commission.
I have the right to refuse service to minors.
Due to recent scamming by minors I will be requiring everyone applying for a commission to provide a scanned copy of their ID allong with a clear picture of themselves holding their ID
All photos will be saftly stored and no information you provide during your application and commission process will be shared to anyone but myself.



I have Cats and occasionally have dogs over at our household where my workroom is located! Although no animals are allowed in the workroom there is still chances of animal hair getting in out materials and we highly advise you not to commission us if you have a severe pet hair allergy!!

If you have any other allergies PLEASE LET US KNOW!



Once accepted for a commission slot a minimum payment of 30% is due upfront. You have the option to pay full amount if you wish to.
Payment plans are negotiable, are case by case and are to be discussed about via email. I generally require a minimum monthly payment of $200+ for fursuit payment plans and must be paid off within deadline. Failure to make payment can result in being pushed back on the queue or worst case scenario being kicked off the queue entirely and having your commission terminated.
In the case that your commission gets terminated refunds are case by case and there is a chance you may not get a refund. Any progress made on your commission will be biscarded of or modified for re-sell online.

All payment are to be handled via PayPal invoices only for online transactions.


Refunds are handles case by case. If something is wrong with your order please let me know! I am happy to work things out with you before going for a refund but in the case I cannot help a partial or full refund can be offered depending on the situation.



If your commission requires a DTD (duct tape dummy) i will be providing you with a diagram on how to properly make a DTD. DTDs for my commissions must follow my requirement and must be patched up before shipping.

failure to patch up the DTD can result in a $50 fee. if your DTD is not built properly i will ask for another one to be sent.



Progress depends on design and is case by case but I generally completion is guaranteed within 5 months of getting to your commission spot. Progress may take longer than 5 months if there is trouble getting a certain fur or material for your commission or if there is trouble with communication. I am not obligated to start on your commission spot if full payment is not completed.
You will be notified when I start your commission spot or when we are near your commission spot on the queue.
Progress pics will be sent as we progress on your commission for approval.
Don't be afraid to ask for changes!
Once progress pics are approved they cannot be changed later!


I ship both domestic and internationally! 


Shipping is handles through UPS/Fedex for domestic or DHL for international orders

I do not offer shipping through USPS!


Buyer is responsible for paying any shipping fees and customs fees that apply. I cannot waive custom fees for you and I have no controll over post office prices. Expedited shipping is available but must be asked for. Expect a significant price increase for expedited shipping specially for international orders

I am not responsible for any delays or lost or damaged packages cause by the post office but I try my best to avoid these situations from happening but are out of my control.

Once you get your package please make sure to review your fursuit for any damages or mistakes and notify me as soon as possible.


Repairs to Starry Kitsune fursuits can be done within 6 months of receiving your fursuit for free! After 6 months repair fees apply. I have the right to refuse repairs if I suspected your fursuit was damaged intentionally.